About Lynas Corporation

Throughout its nearly 30-year history in the ore mining and refining industries, Lynas Corporation has been a key player in the Rare Earth elements sector, acquiring significant deposits and selling materials to clients across the globe. Headquartered in Sydney, Lynas was founded by investment banking executive Nicholas Curtis in 1983 as Yilgangi Gold NL. In 1985, Lynas Corporation adopted its current name and one year later was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, where it remains to this day. Formerly invested in gold as well as Rare Earth mining, Lynas now devotes the entirety of its business to the discovery, collection, concentration, and refinement of Rare Earths, having secured some of the richest known lanthanide deposits in the world.

Among these, Lynas Corporation owns and operates Western Australia’s Mount Weld, a site highly prized for its unusually large concentrations of mineral resources. Consisting of both the Central Lanthanide Deposit and the Duncan Deposit, Mount Weld contains an estimated mineral resources yield in excess of 20 tons, a figure that includes close to two million tons of Rare Earth oxides. Of these, Lynas Corporation has discovered lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, dysprosium, europium and other valued lanthanides for use in various technological manufacturing processes. Indeed, the materials harvested by Lynas are frequently found in sophisticated fluid cracking catalysts, compact fluorescent light bulbs, magnets in iPods and MP3 players, magnets for disk drives, flat-screen monitors, auto catalysts, and hybrid vehicle batteries.

To read more about Lynas Corporation, its holdings, and its visions for the future, please visit the official company website at www.lynascorp.com.

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