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The Most-Used Rare Earths and Their Applications

Lynas Corporation, which will begin supplying rare earths later this year, aims to create a market that provides reliable, high-quality materials. Through its mine in Australia, Lynas Corporation will offer a range of various rare earths, such as cerium, one of the most abundant rare earths. Cerium has become essential to the creation of environmental protection measures and systems that limit pollution across several industries, from transportation to raw material refinement. Compounds created with cerium form essential components in efficient catalytic converters.

Other commonly used rare earths include neodymium and europium. Neodymium magnets have allowed engineers to create modern computers, sound systems, and other electronics. Individuals find europium in televisions and computer screens around the world due to its unique photon emission properties that cause it to glow red.

Praseodymium, another common rare earth, has become a ubiquitous coloring pigment. The petroleum refining industry has benefited substantially from lanthanum, which has increased yields up to 1 percent while making plants run more efficiently. More information about rare earths and their applications is available on the Lynas Corporation website, www.lynascorp.com.

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